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Haunted Changi

I watched this movie together with my family. I should say surrounded by my family. Mum and youngest sis sat behind me, bro and dad on my right while sis and bf sat on my left. The laptop was right in front of me. Watched horror movie but felt fully protected by my family. ♥

I wonder if the whole movie is real as at the beginning, it mentioned that the movie contains the original footage of the film crew who visited the Old Changi Hospital. If so, did they change anything from the real story? Did Andrew Lau died? Is the footage of the ghost real?

I felt unwell almost towards the end of the movie due to motion sickness. At first I thought that the cinematography was bad until I found out that the part in the secret tunnel was the original footage.

Rating: 3/5

Although the movie is quite boring and I almost fall asleep at the beginning, it deserved this rating. This is because it managed to evoke the fear in me unlike certain horror movies that doesn't carry any scary elements. The …

A Walk To Remember

Have you ever watch a movie that leaves you thinking of it for years?

This is definitely one of the movie. I love this movie and have watched it for more than 5 times. Definitely the rating for this movie is 5/5. I love the storyline. The power of love can actually change someone ♥ It's your typical love story yet I enjoyed it till the end.

Plus this movie has a lot of great songs:  Cry (Mandy Moore)Only Hope (Mandy Moore)It's Gonna Be Love (Mandy Moore)Someday We'll Know (Mandy Moore & Jonathan Foreman) You (Switchfoot) Learning to Breathe (Switchfoot) Dare You to Move (Switchfoot)Dancing in the Moonlight (Toploader) There's a list more and you can find them here.

Home Alone

A show that really brings back childhood memory for Christmas is definitely Home Alone. Love watching them a lot. However, I didn't get to watch them this year.

Personally, I preferred the first two Home Alone which were acted by Macaulay Culkin.

My Soul to Take

It just strike my mind that yesterday was my first time to watch horror movie at the cinema. Of course this exclude my vague memory when I was 4 or 5 years old when I went to watch Chinese vampire movie at Subang Pawagam (now that place has become Asia Cafe plus I slept through the movie because I was too scared). I watched the movie 'Let Me In' which I don't consider it horror movie as it is not scary at all.

Trust me... It was really my first time as all my BFFs don't dare to watch horror movie. Pathetic right?! cause I really love watching horror movies and I always end up watching horror movies such as Final Destination, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Streets, Child's Play etc etc; alone or with my mum on Astro (or sometimes in my lappy) during the night.

I don't consider this movie too scary but it is still nice. Partially I think I don't find this movie too scary because part of my attention went to my movie partner who acted so funny and cute whil…

Self-inflicted harm

The media can be a good and bad influence at the same time. Apart from creating awareness to a certain social stigma, it might also be able to influence others to do the same.

Bringing attention to people with self-inflicted harm, many had despise the act or sometimes think that those who self inflicts harm are attention seeker. Honestly speaking, people whom hurt themselves needs your support rather than you mocking them.

Do you know of the 'significance' the pain brings to these group of people? The act of hurting themselves ain't for the mere pleasure of the pain nor to seek for attention but the pain could somehow in one way or another help to justify their existence in the world.

Some people harm themselves because they felt so numb about their life with all the stress and problems that they are facing. While some hurt themselves so that the physical pain can help them relieve their emotional pain even if it's just for a few seconds.

The most common way of self-in…

Due Date

Now I understand why certain people don't laugh while watching comedy. It is not because the movie is not nice and funny but because they are not happy. Watching movie with someone who is sad and emotional while observing them is sad. It felt odd to laughing at parts that were funny while the other person was not.

Rating: 3/5

2011 resolution

Friend: What do you intend to accomplish before 2010 ends? Getting a new bf operation in 3 months?

Me: Ya ya (Kiddingly)

My thoughts:
Why do we need a project to get bf? This things should come naturally. There's no point forcing yourself into a relationship with the wrong people just because you want a bf/gf and not because you like that person. And there's no point starting a relationship that wouldn't bear any fruits(This comes from a conversation with another friend).

2010 has been a time of change. My life now is so chaotic that I don't even have the time to stop for myself to read a book or two. The amount of time I spent outing with just ONE particular friend (CK/D/N) within this 1 month plus is already a lot more compare to my life before that. I don't even have the opportunity to stay home for a whole day during the weekends. Movie, dinner, supper, lunch, gathering, farewell, etc... I'll be out the moment anyone messaged me. Within this 1 month + 1 wee…

Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of Dawn Treader

How good would it be if Narnia really exists, if magic and fairy tales are true. I'm a believer, a dreamer and a non-realist...

Rating: 4/5

Yiruma - River flows in you

I always tell my friends that I "like" guys who can play piano and/or violin. Or should it be that I find them attractive just like Jay Chou and Lee Hom. This piece of song is really nice. It's by Yiruma and many people thinks that it suits to be Bella Lullaby in Twilight.

Enjoy ♥:

PS: ILY til death

Today I read a very emo post on FB. A lot of people have been dropping by to this person's FB: Alviss. The story is that he commited suicide for a girl he was in a relationship/dated for 4 months. His last note to the girl: 你的无情...给了我无比的缺心

Did he really committed suicide? Laksou stated that he had jumped down a building. Many people think that he is very silly because he had only been with the girl for only 4 months but who knows what is really going through his mind?
You may think that his action is silly but to have someone to love you till this extend is also quite touching. Will you be able to find one like that or can you love someone this deep?

Some people really places love at the 1st place. They treasure their love ones more than their own life while some people can just dump their love for someone they have been with for years as though it meant nothing at all. But how many people can actually love someone till the extend that they will love them til they die?? How ma…

Social network

I wonder how many percentage of the story is true. The whole movie made Mark Zuckerberg looked very bad. This movie got a lot of talking and after getting opinion from a few friends who have watched this movie, we think that it is quite boring. Lucky there is a handsome guy to look at: the guy playing Eduardo... ^^

Rating: 2/5

The Next 3 Days

Went for this movie at 12am on a working day. I was tired to really absorb the facts in the movie. Brain processing things very slow lately...

Rating: 2.5/5 (Don't believe my judgment here as I was too tired to stay focus on the movie.)