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Being open

Someone told me the other day, I think almost 2 weeks back that I need to be more open (about my feelings and thoughts). Surprisingly this person doesn't know me but had been asking around others about my personality. They said that I am very quiet and doesn't want to talk with people even though I mix around with them. I thank you for waking me up that I have close myself up from everyone around me. Before this, my friends had also said that to me a few years back that I had close myself from a lot of people including my bffs and family. That time, I never realized it and as time goes by, I began distancing myself from everyone. I became quiet and reluctant to talk and what I talk will usually be something very general. I think it's time for me to be more open because if this continue, I wouldn't be able to mingle with the society any more. I don't think it's just the society but my friends and family as well. I'm going to be a recluse where people only kn…

Eat Pray Love

Just finish watching this movie today and it's a good one. A very meaningful and nice movie. Going on a holiday alone for soul searching and healing our own heart is a good thing. I wish I could do that too. And the view of Italy and Bali is really fascinating. I don't mind watching this movie again and I am so gonna go and buy the book to read (if it is not that expensive =p)....

A few of the things learnt in the movie:
If you love someone, just love (Don't be afraid). If you miss someone just miss them. When you think about them, send them light. And then just drop it...It's a waste of time waiting for people to forgive us. We must first forgive ourselves.It's ok to lose your balance because of love as love is a part of our life.
Rating: 4/5

Your choice to be happy / sad

I had a very "interesting" conversation with a friend the other day. D's theory 'the best way to get better is to do nothing and suffer, time will heal'. I find it very funny. Why should we do nothing and suffer just to get better? Life is short. Although deep inside we are hurting, we should enjoy our time, make it meaningful rather than suffering on our own. In both ways, time will still heal. It's just a matter of being optimistic or pessimistic towards the situation you are in.

The show Your Hand In Mine said that when the Cupid shoots his arrows, he shot 2 arrows at the same time. The 1st is the arrow of happiness while the other is the arrow of sorrow. Missing a person is a difficult thing and can some time be sorrowful. So, it depends on whether you are optimistic or pessimistic towards a situation. Being able to miss a person and being missed by a person is a sort of happiness. So, be more optimistic then you wouldn't feel so bad when you are miss…

Sammy's Adventure

This is my first time watching a 3d movie.

This is an educational cartoon/movie about sea turtle and how human's activity has affected their life. Even so, they should make it more entertaining. With the rate and how slow the cartoon is, it's not going to attract many people to watch it.

Rating: 1/5

The unknown: Death

I had the weirdest nightmare the other day. I dreamt I was dead. I had various time dreamt that I was dead but they were very peaceful. However, this time around the dream was disturbing. I dreamt I was shot in the head, right at my temple. At that moment, all I could feel was that my whole body including my brain went numb while my eyes remained wide open. All I could do was to look at the killer. It was as if my soul is looking at him and that I could no longer feel a thing; no pain, nothing! I told my mom about that dream and she has been giving me a lot of lectures on not to go and do “silly things”.
Funny it may be but then have you ever thought about your own death? This nightmare made me realized that you couldn’t choose the way you die. Neither can you choose who would be by your side when you leave the world. It’s creepy but that’s the truth.
However, you can choose what you want with your own funeral (this is one of the topics touched when I was telling my mom about my nigh…

Travelling to Penang

Yeah... I finally got a holiday with my close friends and also getting to know new friends. I never once go out for a trip during my college years except the Ipoh trip. I didn't even go to Genting with my friends. The most was hanging out with them for a meal or two.
My memory of Penang is very vague as my last time there was years ago. That time I was around 5 or 6 years old. The only thing I remember about Penang was that I fell sick there. All I could remember is staying at the apartment crying and vomiting.
This time, the trip is very relaxing and on our way home, we went to Cameron Highland. That was the 2nd time I have been to Cameron Highland. The 1st was together with the Ipoh trip... On the way home, we took the wrong road and ended up at Raub.

We reached KL around 11pm, exhausted and hungry. I have to thank my best friend for planning the trip and Mr Driver who has been driving since the 1st day. I guess he should be the exhausted one as the rest of us got the chance to nap…

King of Fighters

I wouldn't say that this movie is a bad one but it is not very entertaining. The only thing I didn't expect is to see Bernice Liu in the movie. I thought she only acts in Hong Kong drama/movie and didn't expect her to make it to the international screen.
Rating: 2/5