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This is not the first time I received post card but this post card is a special one. I actually received it a day or two before this but that time I was busy going out with my sister so I left it in her car. Only today I got time to snap picture of it... Thank you handsome... ♥

Finding true love

I wonder why this world is full of cold blooded people. If this world is full with love then I guess the world will be very peaceful and there wouldn't be war and suffering. If everyone in this world doesn't put on a mask to live, I think that life will be much simple and happy.

An acquaintance of mine passed away in a tragic accident together with his family members. Although I never talked with him and just merely smiled at him, his death had left a deep impact in me. Life is short. Why spend time hurting/betraying others?? If there is more people who love others from their heart, (not just girl-boy love, but other love such as family love, friendship 友爱....) then this world will be a much beautiful place to live on.....
The current affair show "Finding Angels" in NTV7 is very meaningful. At least people are helping others and this program can help people to realize that our life is actually a form of blessing as there are others who are in situations far more wor…


Ranma is a hilarious cartoon. Judging from the CD cover, it doesn't looks interesting.

However, after starting to watch it, I get so addicted to it. You will be laughing none stop at every episode. Even my brother got addicted to it and been chasing this cartoon faster than me... A cartoon worth watching.
I ♥ P仔 from Ranma. So damn cute... ♥♥♥
Stupid Ranma's papa who always turn himself into panda if anything happens.

Stupid panda dad who betrays his son because he is scare of his hamsap sifu...

New love... ♥

Finally saw my cute little nephew... But I only got to meet him one week later after my sister gave birth... He's so cute ♥.

I can't hardly wait for the bundle of joy since I knew my sis was pregnant and on the day she gave birth, I thought I should take leave from my internship to see him but I got no transport to go there. Finally waited another week before I got to see him.... Today is a lovely day ♥

Robbery at 24-hour shops

Whoever thinks that McD 24 hours is safe then they should think again.

McD Kelana Jaya and its customers were robbed by 3 guys armed with machete (parang) last night around midnight. My brother was one of the customers there. They went and make police report and the inspector told them that the robbers had changed their target from 7 Eleven to 24 hours McD outlets and yesterday's incident was not the first one.
My sister told me that her colleague was killed at Bandar Utama Centrepoint because of his laptop at a 24 hour fast food outlet. So, please think again before going to any 24 hours shop during the night.

Despicable Me

I've been wanting to watch this cartoon for a long time.

Finally got the chance to watch it even though I have to sit very near to the screen.

This is a very hilarious and entertaining cartoon besides being heart warming. I love Agnes so much. She is so cute. Apart from that, the little minions reminded me of Matt, Jason and Pang's relationship. Super duper funny.

Does this look familiar to you?
Rating: 4/5