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I always believe this, never promise anyone anything if you are not certain about it. This is because breaking a promise will only disappoint and hurt the other person. To me, a promise is a packaged lie that you tell someone to make them happy. So, I rarely promise people anything because if I go against my word, my conscience will kill me. I don't like to tell lies so some times I chose to be ignorance. Not knowing is better than lying to others. Some times it's better not to believe so much so you wouldn't end up getting hurt. The higher your hope is, the bigger your disappointment is...

Privacy at stake

I went out with Matt and his coursemate the other day for a steamboat. They were laughing at some of their friend because I did not approve them as friends in Facebook. The only thing I don't understand is why should I add them as friend when I barely know them? My Facebook is my own private platform and I don't mind if people say that I am snobbish. I even ignore friend request from my secondary schoolmates because I consider them as acquaintances and not friend. So, say whatever you wanna say about me because I'm only concern about my privacy...........

Ip Man 2

Personally I think Ip Man 2 is better than the first one. The fighting scene is really good and the storyline is more heartwarming.

I was seated right at the first row from the screen at MBO and it wasn't easy to view the screen especially when it comes to the fighting scene.

Thanks Matt for driving all the way to Seremban to meet up with us and bringing me, my mom and sis to watch this movie.

Rating: 4/5