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Being Human

All the movie by Jack Neo is very meaningful including this one. Being Human is like all his other movies, having their own meaning and jokes. Being Human actually educates us not to do things against our own conscience. Although I missed out a few minutes at the beginning of the movie, luckily I read the synopsis in The Star newspaper. So, I understand what happens rather than being blur like Matt.
Jack Neo's new flick to open tomorrow Being Human tells the story of Max, a hard-working man who finds himself being haunted by his conscience (played by Taiwanese celebrity Nono) when he insists on employing unethical means to achieve his business aims (The Star 2010).

And most importantly, why let his scandal make you miss out a great movie? After all, his movies are very meaningful and carry moral values. Why let his personal life implies that his movie is unethical?
Rating: 4/5

My new hp

Yeah... Got my new handphone today. My Motorola phone gone crazy since it fell off my hand when a ball knocked me. So sad.
My old Motorola Phone
After thinking for a long time, I finally made the decision to buy Sony Ericsson T715 rather than W705.


Even happier that my sis said that she is giving it to me as a gift (birthday, graduation, etc, etc...) Hehe... Thank you sis.

Just Another Pandora

Don't and never watch the movie "Just Another Pandora's Box". It sucks big time... It's even far more worst than the movie Accident staring Louis Koo, Richie Ren and etc.

The Accident is already damn boring and the stranger seated besides me was asleep. The Accident was the first movie I felt like walking out of the cinema half way through. If you were to ask me to rate it, I'll give it 1/5 for the storyline as it still make sense and the way they planned the "accidents" is actually quite good.

For Pandora Box, I think I would rate it 0/5! The whole show doesn't make sense at all. People were leaving the cinema just 30 minutes into the show.