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China ♥

I just came back from China yesterday. Got a good driver who fetch me back ^^ Thanks darling. Came back yesterday and I'm already attending class today.

This trip has open up my world. It's an experience as it is my first time going overseas. Although the trip is a little dull (dad's company trip) and the food is a nightmare, I enjoyed it. There was so many first for this trip. Sharing some photos from the trip:

Falling in love immediately with The Forbidden City. If you are able to set foot there, please spend more time. We were only given 1-hour and it was not enough. I which I can explore more, understanding the history of my ancestors from way back *Grandpa came from China.
Tiananmen Square was just right outside of The Forbidden City:

This place is famous for its 1989 protest. I was only a baby back then.
And a place that one must set foot to when you are in China: The Great Wall of China. Impressive and I wonder how do my ancestors actually built this and climbing it…


Life is a challenge – meet it
Life is a struggle – accept it Life is a mystery – unfold it Life is a tragedy – face it Life is a joy – spread it Life is love – love it Life is duty – perform it Life is a gamble – watch it Life is a song – sing it Life is bliss – embrace it Life is a game – play it Life is a dream – realize it Life is a journey – complete it Life is a promise – fulfill it Life is beauty – admire it Life is a puzzle – solve it Life is an adventure – dare it Life is an opportunity – grasp it Life is God’s gift – cherish it
*Learn this during secondary school. Not sure who to credit to.

72 Tenants of Prosperity

I finally went to watch 72 Tenants of Prosperity, long after CNY ^^. I watched this movie the day after my last day of work.

This movie is very funny and entertaining. You will definitely laugh your heart out. It's a good remedy to reduce stress...