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Haunted Changi

I watched this movie together with my family. I should say surrounded by my family. Mum and youngest sis sat behind me, bro and dad on my right while sis and bf sat on my left. The laptop was right in front of me. Watched horror movie but felt fully protected by my family. ♥

I wonder if the whole movie is real as at the beginning, it mentioned that the movie contains the original footage of the film crew who visited the Old Changi Hospital. If so, did they change anything from the real story? Did Andrew Lau died? Is the footage of the ghost real?

I felt unwell almost towards the end of the movie due to motion sickness. At first I thought that the cinematography was bad until I found out that the part in the secret tunnel was the original footage.

Rating: 3/5

Although the movie is quite boring and I almost fall asleep at the beginning, it deserved this rating. This is because it managed to evoke the fear in me unlike certain horror movies that doesn't carry any scary elements. The …

A Walk To Remember

Have you ever watch a movie that leaves you thinking of it for years?

This is definitely one of the movie. I love this movie and have watched it for more than 5 times. Definitely the rating for this movie is 5/5. I love the storyline. The power of love can actually change someone ♥ It's your typical love story yet I enjoyed it till the end.

Plus this movie has a lot of great songs:  Cry (Mandy Moore)Only Hope (Mandy Moore)It's Gonna Be Love (Mandy Moore)Someday We'll Know (Mandy Moore & Jonathan Foreman) You (Switchfoot) Learning to Breathe (Switchfoot) Dare You to Move (Switchfoot)Dancing in the Moonlight (Toploader) There's a list more and you can find them here.

Home Alone

A show that really brings back childhood memory for Christmas is definitely Home Alone. Love watching them a lot. However, I didn't get to watch them this year.

Personally, I preferred the first two Home Alone which were acted by Macaulay Culkin.

My Soul to Take

It just strike my mind that yesterday was my first time to watch horror movie at the cinema. Of course this exclude my vague memory when I was 4 or 5 years old when I went to watch Chinese vampire movie at Subang Pawagam (now that place has become Asia Cafe plus I slept through the movie because I was too scared). I watched the movie 'Let Me In' which I don't consider it horror movie as it is not scary at all.

Trust me... It was really my first time as all my BFFs don't dare to watch horror movie. Pathetic right?! cause I really love watching horror movies and I always end up watching horror movies such as Final Destination, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Streets, Child's Play etc etc; alone or with my mum on Astro (or sometimes in my lappy) during the night.

I don't consider this movie too scary but it is still nice. Partially I think I don't find this movie too scary because part of my attention went to my movie partner who acted so funny and cute whil…

Self-inflicted harm

The media can be a good and bad influence at the same time. Apart from creating awareness to a certain social stigma, it might also be able to influence others to do the same.

Bringing attention to people with self-inflicted harm, many had despise the act or sometimes think that those who self inflicts harm are attention seeker. Honestly speaking, people whom hurt themselves needs your support rather than you mocking them.

Do you know of the 'significance' the pain brings to these group of people? The act of hurting themselves ain't for the mere pleasure of the pain nor to seek for attention but the pain could somehow in one way or another help to justify their existence in the world.

Some people harm themselves because they felt so numb about their life with all the stress and problems that they are facing. While some hurt themselves so that the physical pain can help them relieve their emotional pain even if it's just for a few seconds.

The most common way of self-in…

Due Date

Now I understand why certain people don't laugh while watching comedy. It is not because the movie is not nice and funny but because they are not happy. Watching movie with someone who is sad and emotional while observing them is sad. It felt odd to laughing at parts that were funny while the other person was not.

Rating: 3/5

2011 resolution

Friend: What do you intend to accomplish before 2010 ends? Getting a new bf operation in 3 months?

Me: Ya ya (Kiddingly)

My thoughts:
Why do we need a project to get bf? This things should come naturally. There's no point forcing yourself into a relationship with the wrong people just because you want a bf/gf and not because you like that person. And there's no point starting a relationship that wouldn't bear any fruits(This comes from a conversation with another friend).

2010 has been a time of change. My life now is so chaotic that I don't even have the time to stop for myself to read a book or two. The amount of time I spent outing with just ONE particular friend (CK/D/N) within this 1 month plus is already a lot more compare to my life before that. I don't even have the opportunity to stay home for a whole day during the weekends. Movie, dinner, supper, lunch, gathering, farewell, etc... I'll be out the moment anyone messaged me. Within this 1 month + 1 wee…

Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of Dawn Treader

How good would it be if Narnia really exists, if magic and fairy tales are true. I'm a believer, a dreamer and a non-realist...

Rating: 4/5

Yiruma - River flows in you

I always tell my friends that I "like" guys who can play piano and/or violin. Or should it be that I find them attractive just like Jay Chou and Lee Hom. This piece of song is really nice. It's by Yiruma and many people thinks that it suits to be Bella Lullaby in Twilight.

Enjoy ♥:

PS: ILY til death

Today I read a very emo post on FB. A lot of people have been dropping by to this person's FB: Alviss. The story is that he commited suicide for a girl he was in a relationship/dated for 4 months. His last note to the girl: 你的无情...给了我无比的缺心

Did he really committed suicide? Laksou stated that he had jumped down a building. Many people think that he is very silly because he had only been with the girl for only 4 months but who knows what is really going through his mind?
You may think that his action is silly but to have someone to love you till this extend is also quite touching. Will you be able to find one like that or can you love someone this deep?

Some people really places love at the 1st place. They treasure their love ones more than their own life while some people can just dump their love for someone they have been with for years as though it meant nothing at all. But how many people can actually love someone till the extend that they will love them til they die?? How ma…

Social network

I wonder how many percentage of the story is true. The whole movie made Mark Zuckerberg looked very bad. This movie got a lot of talking and after getting opinion from a few friends who have watched this movie, we think that it is quite boring. Lucky there is a handsome guy to look at: the guy playing Eduardo... ^^

Rating: 2/5

The Next 3 Days

Went for this movie at 12am on a working day. I was tired to really absorb the facts in the movie. Brain processing things very slow lately...

Rating: 2.5/5 (Don't believe my judgment here as I was too tired to stay focus on the movie.)

Rapunzel & Fairy tales

Rapunzel is just like any Disney fairy tale... You will love them if you love Disney cartoons... However certain parts in the trailer is missing (0:46 - 1:02, 1:25 - 1:27 and 1:50 - 1:54)

Rating: 5/5 (Obviously I am being unfair over here because the highest I ever rated for all best movies was 4)

Because I believe in Fairy Tale ♥ I believe that true love will not become diluted because of time 真爱是不会应为时间而淡化。。。 All that matter is that both lovers love and believe in each other.

Love the way you lie 2

I used the previous version as my ring tone and I grew so afraid of that song because at that time, I was so afraid that my phone will ring. Whenever the phone rang, I got so frighten ~afraid to look at who the caller is ~ because that means I have to make a decision.

Just like when I made a song as my alarm tone, I will go crazy whenever I hear that song. I changed my ring tone for quite some time so now I felt like normal whenever I hear the 1st version. I still like it.

Here is the 2nd version of Love the way you lie... ♥

The Lyrics As Below: On the first page of our story,
the future seems so bright.
And this thing turned out so evil,
I don’t know why I’m still surprised.

Even angels have their wicked schemes
and you take death to new extremes.
But you'll always be my hero,
even though you lost your mind.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
But that’s alright because I love the wa…

How do you handle pain?

It's a cliche to say letting go is the best way to handle pain. However it's so true. When your heart is dominated by pain and hatred, you are suffering. You might as well let go because you are not only freeing others but also letting yourself free.By letting go, you own something else - happiness and peace. 放下了, 便是拥有。。。

It's always easier said than done and I realized it when I chatted with N. I told him that he should make himself busy and leave the pain aside. Just ignore the pain and time will heal. This seems like I am going against my word from the 1st conversation as ignoring the pain is as if you are avoiding it. If you don't face your problem, how are you going to let go off your pain? Quoting D "run away and never be free"...

You must embrace pain and not fight it (N 2010). No matter how hard you try to ignore/fight against your pain, it will slip in to your life at a time you least expected it; at a time when you are most vulnerable. It is only by e…

Let Me In

They shouldn't categorized this movie under horror movie. I am shaking inside the cinema not because it is scary but because I was freezing. It's so cold. This movie ain't scary at all. Not even a single part that will cause you to scream. By the way, they should categorize this movie under romance, not horror movie lor...

Question: Do you believe that vampire exist?

Rating: 1/5


My only advice here: Don't go and watch this movie...

Rating: 1/5 (still a lot better than Just Another Pandora)

Hachiko and Marley

A heart-warming story and I think you will know what the story is about after watching the preview below. I think I have heard of this story before because half way watching it, the storyline seems familiar. I knew that it will end with the dog waiting at the same place, same time everyday until it dies.

I am a cry baby so no doubt I will shed some tears but it isn't til the extend where I cry badly like usual (where my nose turn red and my eyes become swollen). But it wasn't only about the show that made me shed tears but half way watching this movie, certain thought distracted me.

Rating: 3/5

However, comparing to Marley and Me, Marley and Me is nicer...

The Other Guys

Hmm... Let's see... If you like comedy you 'can' go and watch this movie. It has a lot of jokes but some times quite lame also. Certain part of the movie also doesn't make much sense. If you are someone who prefers extremely logical storyline then this movie doesn't suits you. However, if you just want to go for a laugh then you can do so...

Rating: 2.5/5


Just found out a few days ago that Jay Chou didn't only release one song: Shuo Le Zai Jian but a whole album. I finally got the time to sit down and listen to a few of his songs in the album Kua Shi Dai. I think the nicest song is still Shuo Le Zai Jian. The rest is average only...

I'm addicted to this song already...

The Lyrics As Below:

Be more sensitive

How much can you eat in a day or within a few hours if you are a small eater like me? The max I can go was to drink a glass of milk, finish a large set of McD mcvalue meal and 1 hour later, ate 4 pieces of pizza. Half and hour later, I finished a big plate of fried rice. I ended up hiding inside the toilet wanting to vomit.... Gosh... What a waste of food... And I felt so guilty about that...I have such tendency but I can still gain control of myself unless (of course) I am really very very very and I mean very very very; extremely stressed, emotional, etc... that I will lose control but that rarely happens because my conscience will kill me after that... =p

However, I can ignore eating for almost the whole day (at least I try to make myself to eat some biscuits or drink a glass of milk during meal time). I will get hungry but I don't have the appetite at all. The worst I got was when I fell sick a few months back - (fewer, diarrhea, flu). My lose of appetite turned out even worst…

Being open

Someone told me the other day, I think almost 2 weeks back that I need to be more open (about my feelings and thoughts). Surprisingly this person doesn't know me but had been asking around others about my personality. They said that I am very quiet and doesn't want to talk with people even though I mix around with them. I thank you for waking me up that I have close myself up from everyone around me. Before this, my friends had also said that to me a few years back that I had close myself from a lot of people including my bffs and family. That time, I never realized it and as time goes by, I began distancing myself from everyone. I became quiet and reluctant to talk and what I talk will usually be something very general. I think it's time for me to be more open because if this continue, I wouldn't be able to mingle with the society any more. I don't think it's just the society but my friends and family as well. I'm going to be a recluse where people only kn…

Eat Pray Love

Just finish watching this movie today and it's a good one. A very meaningful and nice movie. Going on a holiday alone for soul searching and healing our own heart is a good thing. I wish I could do that too. And the view of Italy and Bali is really fascinating. I don't mind watching this movie again and I am so gonna go and buy the book to read (if it is not that expensive =p)....

A few of the things learnt in the movie:
If you love someone, just love (Don't be afraid). If you miss someone just miss them. When you think about them, send them light. And then just drop it...It's a waste of time waiting for people to forgive us. We must first forgive ourselves.It's ok to lose your balance because of love as love is a part of our life.
Rating: 4/5

Your choice to be happy / sad

I had a very "interesting" conversation with a friend the other day. D's theory 'the best way to get better is to do nothing and suffer, time will heal'. I find it very funny. Why should we do nothing and suffer just to get better? Life is short. Although deep inside we are hurting, we should enjoy our time, make it meaningful rather than suffering on our own. In both ways, time will still heal. It's just a matter of being optimistic or pessimistic towards the situation you are in.

The show Your Hand In Mine said that when the Cupid shoots his arrows, he shot 2 arrows at the same time. The 1st is the arrow of happiness while the other is the arrow of sorrow. Missing a person is a difficult thing and can some time be sorrowful. So, it depends on whether you are optimistic or pessimistic towards a situation. Being able to miss a person and being missed by a person is a sort of happiness. So, be more optimistic then you wouldn't feel so bad when you are miss…

Sammy's Adventure

This is my first time watching a 3d movie.

This is an educational cartoon/movie about sea turtle and how human's activity has affected their life. Even so, they should make it more entertaining. With the rate and how slow the cartoon is, it's not going to attract many people to watch it.

Rating: 1/5

The unknown: Death

I had the weirdest nightmare the other day. I dreamt I was dead. I had various time dreamt that I was dead but they were very peaceful. However, this time around the dream was disturbing. I dreamt I was shot in the head, right at my temple. At that moment, all I could feel was that my whole body including my brain went numb while my eyes remained wide open. All I could do was to look at the killer. It was as if my soul is looking at him and that I could no longer feel a thing; no pain, nothing! I told my mom about that dream and she has been giving me a lot of lectures on not to go and do “silly things”.
Funny it may be but then have you ever thought about your own death? This nightmare made me realized that you couldn’t choose the way you die. Neither can you choose who would be by your side when you leave the world. It’s creepy but that’s the truth.
However, you can choose what you want with your own funeral (this is one of the topics touched when I was telling my mom about my nigh…

Travelling to Penang

Yeah... I finally got a holiday with my close friends and also getting to know new friends. I never once go out for a trip during my college years except the Ipoh trip. I didn't even go to Genting with my friends. The most was hanging out with them for a meal or two.
My memory of Penang is very vague as my last time there was years ago. That time I was around 5 or 6 years old. The only thing I remember about Penang was that I fell sick there. All I could remember is staying at the apartment crying and vomiting.
This time, the trip is very relaxing and on our way home, we went to Cameron Highland. That was the 2nd time I have been to Cameron Highland. The 1st was together with the Ipoh trip... On the way home, we took the wrong road and ended up at Raub.

We reached KL around 11pm, exhausted and hungry. I have to thank my best friend for planning the trip and Mr Driver who has been driving since the 1st day. I guess he should be the exhausted one as the rest of us got the chance to nap…

King of Fighters

I wouldn't say that this movie is a bad one but it is not very entertaining. The only thing I didn't expect is to see Bernice Liu in the movie. I thought she only acts in Hong Kong drama/movie and didn't expect her to make it to the international screen.
Rating: 2/5

Love the way you lie

Zilch... I am addicted to this song and even made it my ringtone. It's important to watch the original version (Rihanna and Enimem) to get the meaning of the song...

Or here's the lyric:

[Rihanna] Just gonna stand there and watch me burn But that's alright because I like the way it hurts Just gonna stand there and hear me cry But that's alright because I love the way you lie I love the way you lie
[Eminem] I can't tell you what it really is I can only tell you what it feels like And right now there's a steel knife in my windpipe I can't breathe but I still fight while I can fight As long as the wrong feels right it's like I'm in flight High off her love, drunk from her hate, It's like I'm huffing paint and I love her the more I suffer, I suffocate And right before I'm about to drown, she resuscitates me She fucking hates me and I love it. "Wait! Where you going?" "I'm leaving you!" "No you ain't. Come back.…


This is not the first time I received post card but this post card is a special one. I actually received it a day or two before this but that time I was busy going out with my sister so I left it in her car. Only today I got time to snap picture of it... Thank you handsome... ♥

Finding true love

I wonder why this world is full of cold blooded people. If this world is full with love then I guess the world will be very peaceful and there wouldn't be war and suffering. If everyone in this world doesn't put on a mask to live, I think that life will be much simple and happy.

An acquaintance of mine passed away in a tragic accident together with his family members. Although I never talked with him and just merely smiled at him, his death had left a deep impact in me. Life is short. Why spend time hurting/betraying others?? If there is more people who love others from their heart, (not just girl-boy love, but other love such as family love, friendship 友爱....) then this world will be a much beautiful place to live on.....
The current affair show "Finding Angels" in NTV7 is very meaningful. At least people are helping others and this program can help people to realize that our life is actually a form of blessing as there are others who are in situations far more wor…


Ranma is a hilarious cartoon. Judging from the CD cover, it doesn't looks interesting.

However, after starting to watch it, I get so addicted to it. You will be laughing none stop at every episode. Even my brother got addicted to it and been chasing this cartoon faster than me... A cartoon worth watching.
I ♥ P仔 from Ranma. So damn cute... ♥♥♥
Stupid Ranma's papa who always turn himself into panda if anything happens.

Stupid panda dad who betrays his son because he is scare of his hamsap sifu...

New love... ♥

Finally saw my cute little nephew... But I only got to meet him one week later after my sister gave birth... He's so cute ♥.

I can't hardly wait for the bundle of joy since I knew my sis was pregnant and on the day she gave birth, I thought I should take leave from my internship to see him but I got no transport to go there. Finally waited another week before I got to see him.... Today is a lovely day ♥

Robbery at 24-hour shops

Whoever thinks that McD 24 hours is safe then they should think again.

McD Kelana Jaya and its customers were robbed by 3 guys armed with machete (parang) last night around midnight. My brother was one of the customers there. They went and make police report and the inspector told them that the robbers had changed their target from 7 Eleven to 24 hours McD outlets and yesterday's incident was not the first one.
My sister told me that her colleague was killed at Bandar Utama Centrepoint because of his laptop at a 24 hour fast food outlet. So, please think again before going to any 24 hours shop during the night.

Despicable Me

I've been wanting to watch this cartoon for a long time.

Finally got the chance to watch it even though I have to sit very near to the screen.

This is a very hilarious and entertaining cartoon besides being heart warming. I love Agnes so much. She is so cute. Apart from that, the little minions reminded me of Matt, Jason and Pang's relationship. Super duper funny.

Does this look familiar to you?
Rating: 4/5

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I haven't go for movie since May. This is the second movie I watch after Matt left. It's a nice movie. I was supposed to watch Despicable Me with Chui Kean today but the sitting was right in front so I chose this movie instead. Luckily I didn't make the wrong choice as I don't know what movie to choose. Hehe...

It has a good storyline and twist. I specially love the tesla coil scene the most. So special and I wonder can we really create something like this:

Rating: 4/5


This is a great movie but requires you to follow the storyline closely. If you don't get the process of the Inception, then you wouldn't understand the logic of the story. Although it's a little draggy at a certain point, this is still a nice movie. It is a great movie which requires us to think.

I've watched it 3 times and I noticed something new every time. Take your time to go through the movie and you will be amazed by the idea of Inception.

Rating: 4/5

Latest result

Today I got my final result. Should I be sad or happy with it? I have been stressing myself out for my final semester assignments as I wanted to increase my GPA to distinction (from 5.54 to 6.00) but no matter what I do, I will never ever make it already as even if I scored HD for both subjects, my result will remain Credit (below 6.00) only.

I thought I could score a "D" for my IMC but I got a C. However, I got a D for my C&O, which carries a double D for my result. I wasn't confidence for this subject as I don't think I do very well in my last assignment. Happy or sad, my result is fixed....

I am actually disappointed with myself because I have been aiming to score a Distinction for my degree... I don't even dare to tell people about my result as I am not happy with it. I just realized not long ago after all my assignments that in order to score D for my degree, I need to at least score D for all my subjects, not even a C. So, I stressed myself out for noth…

Cigarette and smoking

Research shows that breathing even the smallest amounts of cigarette a day (which amounts to less than one cigarette a day) will increase people risk for dying from a stroke or heart attack by up to 30%. This is alarming. This mean that passive smoker would be at a higher risk and it made me very worry. Smoking kills... Don't be a murderer. You can kill yourself but you don't deserve to take away other people's life.
Pic credits to Google

The Road Not Taken (Robert Frost)

Fell in love with Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken. It took me long to realize the meaning behind this poem. I want to be different!

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both, And be one traveler, long I stood, And looked down one as far as I could, To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for the passing there Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.


I always believe this, never promise anyone anything if you are not certain about it. This is because breaking a promise will only disappoint and hurt the other person. To me, a promise is a packaged lie that you tell someone to make them happy. So, I rarely promise people anything because if I go against my word, my conscience will kill me. I don't like to tell lies so some times I chose to be ignorance. Not knowing is better than lying to others. Some times it's better not to believe so much so you wouldn't end up getting hurt. The higher your hope is, the bigger your disappointment is...

Privacy at stake

I went out with Matt and his coursemate the other day for a steamboat. They were laughing at some of their friend because I did not approve them as friends in Facebook. The only thing I don't understand is why should I add them as friend when I barely know them? My Facebook is my own private platform and I don't mind if people say that I am snobbish. I even ignore friend request from my secondary schoolmates because I consider them as acquaintances and not friend. So, say whatever you wanna say about me because I'm only concern about my privacy...........

Ip Man 2

Personally I think Ip Man 2 is better than the first one. The fighting scene is really good and the storyline is more heartwarming.

I was seated right at the first row from the screen at MBO and it wasn't easy to view the screen especially when it comes to the fighting scene.

Thanks Matt for driving all the way to Seremban to meet up with us and bringing me, my mom and sis to watch this movie.

Rating: 4/5

Being Human

All the movie by Jack Neo is very meaningful including this one. Being Human is like all his other movies, having their own meaning and jokes. Being Human actually educates us not to do things against our own conscience. Although I missed out a few minutes at the beginning of the movie, luckily I read the synopsis in The Star newspaper. So, I understand what happens rather than being blur like Matt.
Jack Neo's new flick to open tomorrow Being Human tells the story of Max, a hard-working man who finds himself being haunted by his conscience (played by Taiwanese celebrity Nono) when he insists on employing unethical means to achieve his business aims (The Star 2010).

And most importantly, why let his scandal make you miss out a great movie? After all, his movies are very meaningful and carry moral values. Why let his personal life implies that his movie is unethical?
Rating: 4/5

My new hp

Yeah... Got my new handphone today. My Motorola phone gone crazy since it fell off my hand when a ball knocked me. So sad.
My old Motorola Phone
After thinking for a long time, I finally made the decision to buy Sony Ericsson T715 rather than W705.


Even happier that my sis said that she is giving it to me as a gift (birthday, graduation, etc, etc...) Hehe... Thank you sis.