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A piece of my thought

I just finished the last paper for my diploma yesterday. I can't imagine that in a blink of an eye, 2 long years had past. So, many things had changed in my life. Although these changes slipped into my life slowly, recalling secondary school made me feel that the changes happened so fast.

Many things that used to be mine were long gone and things that I've never expect had became part of my life. The ties of friendship that I once had have changed so drastically. My best friends have now become just a "friend". Although we met each other almost daily, we hardly had a proper conversation. What's more to said about my secondary school friends. It has come to a state that I no longer know where and what they are doing. Meeting them out of the blues felt awkward. It felt like we were mere acquaintances.

Speaking of friends, I've made many new friends within these 2 years. However, it seems that the bond is not strong. Have I closed myself from everyone? 1 thing n…